Brett Thornton

Brett Thornton, Nimble Innovator

As the Vice President of Retail & Digital Sales at Avocado Green Brands, Brett is dedicated to transforming the retail industry and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future. With a strong focus on training, development, and culture, he is deeply involved in nurturing his talented team and optimizing their processes. At Avocado Green Brands, they are not just a mattress company; but a force that champions our planet and social responsibility. Brett leads their rapidly growing Retail team and spearheads the innovative VX program, which utilizes "Mock" showrooms design specifically for live video sales calls. Through this groundbreaking technology, they can connect with guests from all corners of the globe. Additionally, he oversees Training & Development for all of sales and wholesale partners, as well as the Digital Sales Team, which is responsible for product chats, calls and emails. Together, he believes they are revolutionizing the way retail is experienced. Brett is one of the few executives in the country to have worked on all sides of retail, from sales, to training, to manufacturing and product design. However where he really can add value to you as a connection is in the growing number of DTC brands who have gone from solely operating online to opening brick and mortar locations along with wholesale partners. Having navigated these waters and learned the tough lessons, he will share advice on how you can thrive in all sales channels! Beyond Brett's professional endeavors, he is a devoted father of two incredible children, residing in sunny Southern California. Embracing the vibrant coastal lifestyle, you'll often find him surfing, skateboarding, shooting hoops, or enjoying a round of golf. His love for creativity drives him to invest free time in projects that bring fulfillment and joy! He has a passion for travelling and storytelling, which you can see highlighted in the documentary, "The Road" which chronicles Brett and 3 friends who risk their lives running through the jungles of Burma (Myanmar) to tell the story of the incredible Karen people, who were being ethnically wiped out by the Burmese government. https://vimeo.com/18137501 One notable accomplishment is the authorship of the best-rated book, "Be a Better Presenter in One Hour!" This unique self-help book disrupts traditional norms by combining 60 minutes of reading with video challenges, elevating readers' confidence in the art of presenting. It's a testament to his commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.